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Advanced Features.
Riding Innovation.



The Velo Visor is all about style, it looks great on any helmet and like any good goggle style design, it’s easy to affix to your current helmet(s).



No need to ride with sunglasses, sports or fashion, the Velo Visor provides instant protection from sun, wind and rain. It also ensures you can wear your prescription glasses safely and securely.



With it’s cool and professional design, the Velo Visor has been created to maximise aerodynamics. Available in day and night versions and easy to change as your needs change.

The VeloVisor Video

Take a journey and see the Velo Visor in action – this is how easy it is to fit your VelVisor cycle visor to your cycle helmet.

Velo Visor – Safety, Style, Efficiency

Find out more about how the Velo Visor came to be, its components and how you can get your own Velo Visor today.

Sports, Commuting, Cycling

The Velo Visor has been designed for cyclists by cyclists. A safe and snug fit that is easy to apply to ANY cycle helmet


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Velovisor is UK designed and made and is available exclusively from our website

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