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Innovative Design

Made from safe, strong, scratch resistant polycarbonate, the VeloVisor is both sturdy and stylish

Forward Thinking

The design of the Velovisor is to provide a cycle visor that works! It looks cool, is easy to fit and can be added or removed from any cycle helmet in seconds.

Problem Solvers

If you wear glasses, the Velovisor works great and your vision is not obstructed. Want to wear sunglasses? Fine, they fit comfortably as always or you can opt for a tinted VeloVisor, they are quick and easy to change.

Customer Support

Our customer support is here to help. If you want to enquire about stocking the VeloVisor then please contact us. Any enquiries about a direct order, then let us know. The team are here to help.

  • Innovation 99%
  • Affordability 94%
  • Ease of Use 98%
  • Style 90%

Our Story

As a keen cyclist, I realised the pitfalls of cycling.  Weather conditions play a huge part, due to sun, wind, rain and face chill. I have always used a helmet, but didn’t like the “Look”. I got the idea for what was to become the “VeloVisor” after watching cyclists racing around a Velodrome, they looked cooler and the design and use of a visor made much more sense to me.

As a designer I set out to find a solution. I made myself a prototype and tried it out. I was stopped by many cyclists throughout the course of the day over a few weeks and asked about my visor. There was clearly a demand other than my own. 

They all agreed with the pitfalls, but felt a helmet with a built in visor was not for them and too expensive. So, with my visor, designed to be cost effective and interchangeable with any helmet, could it made in an affordable way? 

Creating the VeloVisor Prototype

I realised the market and produced the visor to a high standard. That there was a need for a visor that is instantly interchangeable and affordable for everyone.

VeloVisor is a universal cycle visor that fits all cycle helmets. Made from ski lens optical poly-carbonate, with UV380 protection and Anti-fog technology.

Its stylish, protective and more aerodynamic!

Available in dark grey or clear lens with non slip adjustable easy fit strap

No wind, No rain, No flies, No Pain

VeloVisor is an innovative product designed by Cyclists and FOR Cyclists. It comes in a bag that also doubles as a visor wipe and cleaner. Grab your VeloVisor today.